Balancing Work and Family

The Loves of my Life!!!

Love til you can’t love anymore!

Angela Danielle

I love being a mother, I feel like I was meant to be one. I have two wonderful and amazing kids who look up to me everyday and that alone makes me feel worthy.

Even though being a mother is such a Blessing to me, it can be very overwhelming at times. While trying to build my empire I have had to learn how to balance both being a mother and entrepreneur.

Below I have listed 7 Tips us mothers can do when it comes to taking time out for ourselves to rejuvenate and be the women these beautiful babies expect us to be.

  1. Take time to have a girls night with some other mothers. I find it very rejuvenating when I have a weekend to myself and can go have a few drinks with one of my mommy friends and catch up. Little do you know, we need this and its nothing to feel guilty about.
  2. Exercise! Even if you are not one to hit the gym, spice it up. Find a Zumba dance class to attend to get a dance workout in. I actually stepped out of my comfort zone one day and attended a stripper aerobics class and when it came out of there I felt more sexier then when I went in lol.
  3. Take time for self-care, go out and get your nails done, as mothers were so busy cooking, cleaning etc that we forget to treat ourselves from time to time. Make a hair appointment or go out and buy yourself a nice outfit!
  4. Make time to meditate, I find that when you set aside a minimum of 15 minutes each day to connect with the universe and clear your mind it can be very beneficial to your over all well being.
  5. When you have alone time at home, set some candles around the house and light a few incense and pour yourself a glass of wine and just sit down and take it all in.
  6. Eliminate the tasks you find draining, choose the important task and delete the others.
  7. Cleaning out old junk from your home can be very rejuvenating! Studies show that removing the clutter and waste from your home can for sure jump start the cleansing process in ones life.

I hope these tips help, comment below if you would like to share some of your tips on what works for you when it comes to rejuvenating your own life!

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